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How do you feel about the rumor that Gaga might go on tour with tony ? and if they do what type venues would they be?

It would be amazing to see them togheter touring around the world. I couldn’t catch Tony when he came to my country I felt very sad about it…
I feel it closer and warmer, kinda theater stages,

So is the terry Richardson documentary still a thing ? also there's a lot of talk about how she wants to use born this way ball footage in something so maybe the documentary ?

Not that I know.

What is your favorite Gaga tour and least favorite?

I just love The Monster Ball is my fav one. And the least favorite would be The Fame Ball (‘cause she didn’t come to my country for that one).

I went to The Monster Ball and to The Born This Way Ball. The BTW is very special to me, but it’s far (from my point of view) from the Monster one.

I’m waiting for more dates on artRAVE: The ARTPOP Ball Tour.

Wouldn't it be cool if she decided to say I'm going to do the fame ball,the monster ball,and the born this way ball one more time. like lets say she does three nights in Madison Square Garden. First night fame ball second night The monster ball and last night the born this way ball.

Hahaha it’d be great! It’s an interesting proposition.

Do you think the Born this way ball was recorded?

Yes it was filmed, but the filming was too shitty that’s why it wasn’t released. Some of the shots where used for the Skye promos.